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How To Measure

Things to remember

For accurate measurements it is advisable to use a metal tape.

Always measure sizes to the nearest 0.1cm.

On your notes clearly indicate which measurement is the width and which is the height. It is very common to transpose measurements. Try to always measure the width first, then height.

Decide whether to hang your blind inside the recess or outside the window opening either on the wood frame or above and beyond the wood frame.

Hanging inside recess (Recess measurement)

We recommend an Inside Mount whenever possible for a neater look.

When you specify an inside mount, provide us the exact window opening size. DO NOT TAKE A DEDUCTION! We will automatically deduct approximately 1cm so your products will operate properly and not rub against your window frame.

FOR WIDTH, measure in three places and use the narrowest width. FOR HEIGHT, measure in three places and use the longest measurement for all products.



Hanging outside recess (Exact measurement)

Outside mounts hang outside the window opening either on the wood frame or above and beyond the wood frame. That will make your window appear bigger and hide unattractive windows.

Outside Mounts are necesssary whenever your window openings are too shallow to place a window covering. To ensure minimum light gaps and maximum privacy, add about 8 cm on each of the four sides. Leave room for the mounting brackets. For outside mounts, specify the exact width and exact height you want the product to be. We will make your product the exact size you specify and we will not take any deductions. So you must add to the window opening measurement to allow for mounting brackets and the distance you want to go past the window.

Please note: For Hanging outside recess, and on Roller Blinds ONLY, the actual fabric width is always about 20mm less than the overall EXACT measurement you give us to allow for brackets. You may wish to increase the measurement to allow for this.